Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul Oct/Nov 2012

Cashmere,Vanilla Bean & Adorable Owls 

As soon as I heard BBW was coming out with Cashmere Glow, I knew I would love it. The scent is described as "an enticing blend of shimmering vanilla and golden peach wrapped in soft cashmere musk". It smells wonderful and I loved it right away. Of course, I picked up a few things. 

This little set came with the cute bag, body lotion, body wash (not shown) and a fragrance mist. I purchased this for $12.50 because it was a special that day if you bought something from this line you could buy this at half price. 

This adorable 30 ml sized fragrance came in a cute ornament and is the perfect size to take with you so you can always have this warm & cozy scent available. 

I talked about this scent last year in a post, but Vanilla Bean Noel is one of my Holiday favourites. It smells like a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream.

I bought a full size body wash (not shown) and this cute little set that came with a body sponge, lotion, body wash and fragrance mist. I wish they would make the perfume for this scent.

This Adorable Owl Oil Warmer has been filling my home with the wonderful Bath & Body Works Leaves smell for all of October and November.

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