Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ciaté Caviar Manicure

First impression & Review

I had seen some DIY Caviar nail tutorials on YouTube and thought it was a neat idea, but when I saw the Ciaté Caviar Manicure set at Sephora, I knew I needed to get it. I fell in love with the white Mother of Pearl set, so that is the one I ended up purchasing. They are all gorgeous, but the white stood out on the nail swatches a little bit more.

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The set was $28 Canadian and is really easy to use. Take everything out of the package and have the tray ready. You apply the first coat of nail polish and let it dry, The next step is done one nail at a time. Place the tray that is provided under your hand to catch any fallout beads. Apply a second coat and then sprinkle the beads on your nail. After sprinkling, pat down the beads into your nail bed so that they adhere better. Ciaté recommends adding a top coat to nail tips only. You have to allow this to dry for 15-20 minutes (which is a long time, because you suddenly need to do everything after doing your nails, or is that just me?).

I adore the way this looks. It gives a 3D effect and is unique and different than the typical polish and manicure. It says it will last up to 48 hours, which is not a long time to begin with, but I noticed that the beads begin to fall off right away. Although I let them dry for the recommended amount of time, the beads do come off and I have not been doing anything other than working on the computer. I am curious to see how they will hold up in the shower when I wash my hair, or anything similar. I heard that nail glue will keep the beads on longer so I may try that next time. You can also buy beads from your local craft store if you want to try this trend for a cheaper price/bigger colour selection, I was just suckered in by the gorgeous display at Sephora (of course!). I don't regret buying these and I may buy the other colours depending on lasting power  and how much I find myself wearing it. 

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  1. These look so cool! So glad you reviewed them. We've been eyeing them in Sephora.

    Jayme & Mendi @ HLNC

  2. They come off easy! I am going to try some nail glue and see if that helps because they do look great while they are on hehe