Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep Your Face Free Of Dry Winter Skin!

Olay Replenishing Night Cream

I have been using this for years. I first tried it back in 2006ish. I had been using the Clinique three step skin care system and I wasn't seeing any results so I quit using it. I had never had dry flaky skin before, but when I stopped using that system, my face looked and felt horrible. It was dry and flaking. I tried a lot of different moisturizers. Even a $ 50.00 one and it didn't eliminate the dryness. My mom had always used Olay so she had this night cream in her bathroom. I tried it and the next morning my skin looked and felt 100% better.

Some info: Improves firmness overnight with intense moisture. Enriches skin with intense moisture to leave it soft and smooth while soothing skin's dryness for up to 12 hours. Firms skin as you rest. Infuses skin with replenishing moisture to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helping to store skin to its natural beauty.

Final thoughts: This creme smells very nice- a light smell, and gets the job done but without being greasy. I may try new products but I always come back to this, especially in the winter and my skin is flake free. I buy it at Walmart for about $8.00 Canadian.

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