Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Dream Purse

Chanel Medallion

This bag is part of the Classic collection and is listed as the Medium Bag on the Chanel website. I have loved this bag ever since seeing a photo of Lauren Conrad wearing it a few years ago. I have always loves handbags. In all price ranges . I am currently using a $20.00 Aldo bag that I got on sale. I have gotten a few of my ideal higher end purses but Chanel to me would be the top, best of the best.

I think everyone has a "dream" item. A car, home, shoes, dress etc. I have seen this bag in person. It was just as nice as I thought it would be. It is available in various colours but my choice is black. I don't know that I'll ever own this bag, but just in case I've saved a nice spot in my closet for it. What is your dream item?
Posted by Shannon

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