Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Take Your Scent Anywhere!

Travalo-Refillable Atomizer Bottle

This little fragrance spray bottle caught my eye when I saw it. I have a lot of perfumes and only a few travel sized ones. The idea of making your own is really cool.

This image from Travalo website

Travalo is aircraft approved, so you can bring it with you in your carry on and it holds approximately 50 fragrance sprays. It comes in a variety of colours and you can buy it online @ Travalo. I purchased mine at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada for around $12.00.

You just remove the nozzle from your perfume bottle, I used my Viva La Juicy perfume. Place the Travalo in position and pump until the bottle is filled. Easy and spill free. I will definitely be getting more of these for my other perfumes. Simple and Cute!

Posted by Shannon


  1. This is fabulous because not all perfumes come in roller balls! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. This is too cool! love it! and gotta get it! lol....Your blog is cute!

  3. Thanks Alex and thanks so much for following. I couldn't find your blog to follow back. If you have one let me know:)